We do not write your message but we help you define and present it in a meaningful way.  We bring decades of experience with hundreds of companies across many industries to help you build a powerful message.

Our product, PowerMessage, creates interactive, navigable PowerPoint presentations that can increase message retention up to 800%. We will coach you in how it works, or build your presentation for you.


We will create a presentation that conveys your message in compelling ways. We have pioneered technologies and techniques that make presentations behave like websites; allowing the audience to navigate to the content in any order they wish.


30 years experience in the largest consulting firms in the world.

Rick Stallings, our founder, was a partner in one of the largest consulting organizations in the world.  Frustrated that state-of-the-market presentation techniques and tools were inadequate when the message and content are complex, we reinvented how presentations are built, delivered, and consumed.  The results have been called, "game-changing."



"Wow.  I DID NOT expect this!  At very first glance, I was taken back a bit by the roadmap appearance, but it's already growing on me.   I like how it flows, tells the story... I just can't believe you got all this content in here.  The burning platform is very cool.  

The whole thing is too cool. Wow!  Thank you very much!"


Ernst and Young


"Their techniques and tool, PowerMessage, have been a game-changer."

Technical Director

Siemens PLM